ZeitART...Akustikpop, Jazz, Worldmusic


artist: Cecilie Noer

song: Fly 

release auf "Acoustic Pop Compilation", (LC 24984, ZeitART Records 2015)



About Cecilie Noer and her Debut Album Mindwhisper

Cecilie Noer’s pristine, delicate 2014 debut album, Mindwhisper with roots in the Singer/song writer style, Folk, jazz and pop, was very unexpected. Cecilie gratuated from Copenhagen Business School 4 years earlier the debut and had a future planned in that direction. But a sudden change in plans resulted in four years of serious soul searching, but also a period of serious musical, vocal and theoretical musical training. During this ”magical” time the songs for Mindwhisper took form.   

The music is very simplistic and minimalistic with a unique vocal in center. Accompanied mainly by a Spanish Guitar, percussion, piano and a cello, she has created a quiet, watchful record – a response to having spent 4 years in "a blur" of Inspiration. The lyrics are impressionistic sketches and revelations (on Mindwhisper #2 she sighs: "The whispers of your mind, the golden key to Life"). Just an example of a song, which contains a deep poetic and thoughtful investigation in life through music. The music isn’t melancholic, rather a happy beautiful journey.


A wonderful autumn album. 




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